I want to bring forward a new service I offer: Watermarked Meshes

What’s a watermark?

In this scenario, a watermark is a text mesh hidden under the mesh layers with your name on it, this meshes material is merged with the skin layer, which means that if devs or thieves try to hide it, the hole skin will become transparent, rendering the mesh unusable, leaving them no other choice but to keep the hidden watermarked name. It is very useful for DMCA Takedown Request Proof of ownership

As you may know from the homepage call-to-action, you can now request to watermark any mesh bought in my store for an extra fee!

By default, the meshes will have my name on them, but if you do choose to get your new mesh watermarked, you will be able to make your own DMCA Takedown Request if you find a stolen copy of your purchase on IMVU

The watermark package will be included as a variable in each file submitted to my store

A form will be available soon for custom watermark orders

Please note that this is not a CC0 rights transfer on the files It is still a limited license

Please allow up to 48H for the watermark orders to be fulfilled

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